‘Connect’ app is a specifically designed mobile application for educational institutions. In these institutions, It is a difficult task to manage and ensure a proper communication between the school management and students’ parents. A simple solution for such communication has always been a need for this. Hence, we developed ‘Connect’ app to eliminate such gaps.


‘Connect’ is a simple yet powerful app that simplifies the communication between school management and parents in a paperless format, hence making the communication smoother and more efficient.  It tends to eliminate a very big hassle of constantly communicating with the students’ parents and keep them up-to-date with the school activities.


The Features:

The ‘Connect’ app allows the institutions to send:

- Generic Notifications

- Personalised Notifications

- Daily Activities

- Events & Calendar

- Grade-Sheet

- Feedback


How this works?

The app runs in Android and iOS platform. This app works in a number of very simple steps:

Initially, the client posts the regular updates of his institution’s activities in this app via web platform by simply logging into the dedicated web platform –


These updates will automatically be sent in form of notifications, to the users who have installed this app in their mobile phones. There is absolutely a zero chance of error in delivery because the overall system works on a web-based platform.



Pashupati Biscuits, the brand with 40 years of legacy in Nepalese market was relaunched in 2014. The brand came up with 3 new biscuits variants. Youths were the new target group for the brand. The brand decided to emphasise on Facebook promotions, understanding that there was a higher level of youth engagement there. 2 sets of focused Facebook promotion strategy were adopted.


The objective of the promotion was to, namely:



Motivate audiences to share the new TV Commercial in their timeline

Contest Period: 2 months

Mode of choosing the winnder: Lucky Draw

Grand prize for the winner - iPad Mini

Budget: $1000



Over 35,000 shares

Reach of over 4.6 million

Clicks to Play: over 50,000 times


An interactive game designed to generate user engagement via Facebook platform. The grand prize of iPad Mini was the motivation to keep the user motivated to play game more and more.



Get maximum number of users play the game for the maximum times

Contest Period: 2 months

The winner was to be chosen by the probability factor (the user with the highest probability of winning wins the grand prize)

Grand prize: iPad Mini

Budget: $1000



Over 8,000 users

Game played for over 50,000 timesZ




To generate awareness and motivate the audiences to use banking channels in rural areas of Nepal.


We studied the typical banking behaviour of customers in Nepalese rural areas. The study revealed that people in those areas resorted to informal banking channels despite the presence of banks and other financial institutions. The informal channels were highly dominated by personal lending at higher interest rates thereby putting their money at a greater risk.


On the basis of such behaviour studied, we generated a campaign that incorporated the local storyline and characters that could be easily related by the consumers in those target areas.


The Outcome:

Increased awareness about the use of formal banking channels for safer and reliable mobilisation of finances in rural areas of Nepal.




To relaunch the SUBISU brand as: young, vibrant and amazing ISP (Internet Service Provider) of Nepal.


Target Segment:

Demographic: Youth, as they are the major influencer, buyer and the user of internet service in the family.



All over Nepal



TG who think Internet is an intimate part of life and it needs to be amazing the way his/her life is.



‘Amazing as you and your life is’



Youthful, Exciting, Fun