Why school App is more

important than website

We are spending more time online than any other media. We are spending much of that digital time in mobile devices. Most of that mobile time is spent in apps. So shouldn’t your school have one?

Why SEO is Important

for Businesses

SEO is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted terms in the world of marketing. That’s right, folks: I said marketing. While SEO has been painted as some sort of black-magic secret that requires an internet illuminati membership to learn the ways of,

Why Organic Facebook Reach Doesn't Matter

When it comes to Facebook brand pages, every discussion tends to center on organic reach.  You stress over how low the numbers are, how the latest algorithm will affect that figure, what you can do to improve it....but have you stopped to

Is Data the New Soil? #SAPPHIRENOW

We’ve all heard it said the data is the new oil. But what if it’s the new soil instead—the raw material from which new ideas can grow into products and services that we haven’t seen before and might not even have begun to imagine.