Why school App is more

important than website

- by AV Digitals


We are spending more time online than any other media. We are spending much of that digital time in mobile devices. Most of that mobile time is spent in apps. So shouldn’t your school have one? It’s easy to understand why – today’s busy and on-the-go parents want to access important information of their kids from their mobile devices.


#Connect, the School App is the ideal solution for schools and educational institutions, who want to go mobile with a custom, branded App. With the #Connect App, the schools can give parents the ease and convenience of accessing school information from their iOS or Android devices. Its the basic need for the school in the ever-changing landscape of IT development.

Connect App has some great advantages over using websites, emails and SMS alone. It allows school to do almost everything that a website can do; for instance, delivering long or short messages, in the same way as an email or SMS. Better than emails or SMS, however, Connect App keeps everything related to the school in one place. This means parents won’t lose important emails in their crowded in-boxes. They can look up information as and when they need it, and receive time-sensitive alerts and notifications in a single place. Connect App is also mobile, so parents can stay informed whenever and wherever they are.


Connect App provide parents with an easy way to know what is going on and ensure they receive important notifications without worrying about paper newsletters getting lost or emails ending up marked as spam. Busy parents can stay on top of what is coming up with just-in-time reminders and alerts or find older information in an easy-to-use format. Schools can use Connect App to notify parents of last-minute changes and cancellations. For instance, when an event is rained-out or the timetable is altered, this app can instabtly notify the parents about the same. Connect App can also let parents submit absentee notices, send feedback and pay school fees online besides general and personalized notification.


It makes sense to find an App that is simple to use to any school yet offering powerful solutions to the ever-growing digital parents. Every school should have school mobile App and every parent should request school to have one. Share this and help us digitize school-parents communication.

Features of Connect App:

• General Notice

• Personalized Notice

• Progress Report

• Fee Report

• Events & Calendars

• Online Fee Payment

• Parent’s Feedback


All forms of communication (push notification) will be controlled through a dedicated web platform. All the students’ information and database will be stored in the cloud, so the educaitonal institutions do not need to invest on expensive servers and regular operating cost.


How this works?

The app runs on Android and iOS platform. It works in very simple steps:

• Initially, the school posts the regular updates of their activities in this app via web platform by simply logging into the www.avdconnect.com

• These updates will automatically be sent in form of notifications, to the users who have installed this app in their mobile phones. There is absolutely zero chances of error in delivery because the overall system works on a web-based platform.


App Hosting:

This app will be uploaded both on

Google Play and App Store.

Connect School Mobile App featured in Daily Newspaper During Launch:

The Kathmandu Post

The Himalayan Times



Nepali Times



To know more about the app, the price and to customize for your school. Please contact.


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